Flexible Music Selection

We provide DJs & Musicians for all types of events in Barcelona.

Perfectly Selected Music For All Events

No matter the size or style of your event, we have the right music for your client from almost any genre imaginable.

Event Music Success

The right kind of music is absolutely essential to any event's success..

Music that ties your event together

If the music choice is wrong, your event will not be successful.. Why take the risk?

Incredible Events Need Incredible Music

Eventful Music


Who We Are & What We do?

English & Spanish speaking Barcelona based Event Music company.

Moving a corporate crowd takes expertise and experience. We provide music for events in the form of ego free bands, DJs & musicians for all types of functions whether they be corporate gatherings, private parties, dinners, catwalk shows or club nights. We carefully select the music with client approval to ensure the best possible atmosphere and musical backdrop to your event. These are some of our services:

  • Event DJs for almost any musical genre.
  • Live bands / musicians.
  • Performance Equipment Hire.
  • Interactive Music Workshops.
  • Please contact us if you have any specific requests.

DJ Mix Samples


“I have worked closely with Eventful Music on a number of events. It is true what they say of themselves, they really do love music and this translates into a palpable connection with audiences; one of the keys to a good event.”
Toby Kenyon, Factor3Events
Working with Toby was a pure joy from start to finish. I needed someone who knew their music and knew how to get a crowd going. I also needed someone who understood a corporate audience and how to be respectful to their desires to network but still be able to keep the event lively. As if that wasn’t enough I needed someone weave music in and out of choreographed dance numbers to make the party seamless. Toby did all of that with a smile on his face, some serious tunes in his DJ box and in a very cool velvet jacket!
Mary O'Hagan, Go Vivace

“Eventful Music provided an extremely versatile, professional and quality DJ who we have now used for a number of brand events over the last few years, highly recommended.”

Hayden Trethewy, Aura Events, Ibiza.